The lodging "LA BERGERIE"

“The construction of the Bergerie dates back to the 1800s. The owner we bought it from had taken over the family farm from his parents and was using it as a storage room. He told us that at the time his uncle stored straw in the hayloft and a few hay tools. The space on the ground floor was occupied by sheep. In fact, every year he walked to the Bastogne agricultural market to sell his finest lambs.

We bought this barn because, as a pensioner, this farmer had little use for it. First planned for a workshop, the first containment and the start of work slowly gave it another assignment. Indeed, we wanted to keep this pretty facade typical of the village and give new life to its interior. The emptiness between these 4 walls and the experience of our first lodging made us want to create this second project.

The idea being launched, the objective was to move forward in a self-teaching manner by doing all of the work alone. Not being of the trade, the adventure was grueling and mentally dangerous. Fortunately we were able to count on some generous help from family, friends and neighbors. We wanted to offer the authentic character of Fontenoille stone, to keep a natural and warm aspect with lime and wood. By adding a touch of metal to these noble materials that modernizes the place. The spirit of conservation was our priority, the cart wheels and the miller’s ladder are proof of this.

Freed from its “wolf” and deconfined, La Bergerie can finally return to its sheep and warmly welcome you there ”.

Marine et Quentin


Located between Ardennes and Gaume, the location of the gîte is excellent for enjoying the two distinct environments of the Semois valley. Signposted routes are to be discovered from the gîte and there is something for all tastes and levels … The Ardennes and its rugged terrain offer you magnificent walks. Departing from towns such as Bouillon and Herbeumont, known for their fortified castle, you have access to a variety of hiking and cycling routes with splendid landscapes in every season.

The Semois valley also offers the possibility of nautical activities.

In Chiny, the pedal boat and the kayak are king. Further south, we can discover the village of Chassepierre, known for its artists’ festival but also recently classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia along with Torgny and its vineyards.

There is also the advantage of being a cross-border worker and of enjoying the flavors of the French baguette in small villages typical of France.

And finally, the Basilica of Avioth and the unmissable Orval Abbey, located a few steps from the gîte, will offer you a lovely taste tour.